Hokkaido 7Eleven extreme!

Well… I’m gonna do a proper blog soon. Until then, watch this video of some of the action from yesterday! I call the run HOKKAIDO 7ELEVEN EXTREME! There’s some pics below too, that shows some of what we’ve done. For more pics, visit Adam Widéns’ blog, and of course Free Radicals.


Ok! Well, then I know what to watch out for!

Fun for Swedish people. We didn't eat there...

Japaner! Japaner! Överallt japaner! (Och så Adam Widén).

YES! I will for sure go there when we get back to Sapporo! (Or maybe not, cause I think it was a whore house).

A jar of fries. Why not?

Tooooo much of this. or not enough... Can't really decide...

Adam checking out a pillow line the first day.

No one is going to accuse us for not trying! We were last off the mountain, for sure.

Bergman doing his magic.

Andrew Hardingham and a couple of other dudes from Snowboard Canada was at the same lodge for a night. Nice guys.

Holy Moly! That's a scary bear! But... What's on you tail scary bear?

Yesterdays hotel outfits.

Pretty much the worst breakfast I ever had.

Kind of frustrating when you pass this, and the snow is ultra crap...

Todays hotel outfit!

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