Free Radicals Funäsdalen shoot

Just a small update, again. It’s mostly pictures, from the Funäsdalen shoot, but also some from up north, where we’re at now. More coming.

Right now we’re at Abisko Mountain Lodge, and it’s a sweet place to spend some time! The owners Dick and Mina are taking good care of us! Laters…

The president of RVT - Jonas Wilhelmsson. He was taking good care of us in Funäsdalen!

He's got nice tattoos too.

Lukas Stål-Madison.

One, two, three! Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Erik Nordin and Lukas.


Filmer Erik Henriksson getting the angle.

Erik shooting Kristoffer Edwall.

Erik with "a little" sun protection.

Jon-E! King.

Kristoffer Edwall KILLING it.

Kristoffer Edwall on a pretty fun spot.


Tom-Oliver Hedvall testing the jump.


Lukas with a hand drag.

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