iPhone travel pics

Here are som pics from last days of travel and (looking at) skiing. Thanks to Abisko Mountain Lodge, Helitrans, Funäsdalsberget, Kallax Flyg and probably other people too. Laters!

Yes! I'll be there!

Gösta Fries with a love call home.

Fika in Storuman.

This couple drank their coffe next to us. Not a word. Then they went out to have a smoke. Not a word. I asked if I could take a picture. The man shook his head, so I shot and left.

An act of SATAN! Coffe without caffeine. Goddammit!!!

Johan Olofsson preparing for a sweet day.

Helitrans helped us with some transportation in Narvik. Thank you!

Gangesaxla, or something lite that. It's anyway a cool run!

Narvik. So beautiful...

View from Narvik ski resort.

One more...

We met Pancho Snöfall in Narvik! ( One of the founders of Free Radicals). Made us all really happy!

And we hit it on a tuesday! Cowboy dinner! PG got 30 sausages (for real). I got 28.

Not in the heli, but happy any way! Cause I have a pretty moustache!

We're staying here. Sweet!

Johan Olofsson chilling in the warmest jacket in the world. And surf shorts?

Nice t-shirt! "Ge fan i våra vatten" is a really cool thing. Google it!

"We'll take the big one, thank you."

Marja Persson chilling.

Davide Cusini preparing for a heli day in Abisko.

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