The Roadtrip Continues

Hi, again.

The roadtrip was on it’s way to Lofoten two days ago. But due to stormy weather, we went the other direction, and are now in Borgafjäll. It’s always wonderful to come here, cause the surroundings are amazing, and the restaurant and hotel is super nice too.

Now we’re scoping jibs for Davide in the nearby villages. And we’re finding stuff. Everything is cool in Borgafjäll! Ha ha!

Oups, now Gösta say we need to go. Here are some pics from the last days up in the north:

Davide Cusini with a first fastplant (?) try close to Abisko.

Felt like when I was racing!

Gösta Fries.

Davide Cusini and Johan Olofsson in some new The North Face gear.

Marja Persson getting shot in some other.

This lady wanted to be in the shoot, but she didn't had next years clothes, but 1957's model. So we had to turn her down...

Niklas Allestig, Gösta Fries and Bergman.

"I'm not moving until the sun is coming out!"

This dude did NOT wanted to be in our shoot.

And now we're in Borgafjäll. Sweet place.

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