May 10


Soon I’ll blog a little bit more in Swedish, too… My English sucks, and it’s slow. (If all my mega true fans out there starts a Facebook group which gets more than ten million members, I’ll reconsider). I’ll keep on writing in English though.

Anyway… Borgafjäll was sweet, as usual. We ate really good food, and Magnus and Vera at 69 Grader Nord helped us a lot. Maybe mostly Magnus, but we have to thank Vera for stealing her man half of the night…

We got the shots we wanted, thanks to Gösta Fries’ magic eye and a hard working Davide Cusini. And yesterday evening I got back to Malung for a couple of days chilling with my parents and Bea. Sweet… Here are some pics from the last days:

I have visited Borgafjäll a lot of times. But I NEVER get used to that goddamn psyko look!

Sweden in April. In Swedish I guess we would call it "fulsnygg" (uglypretty).

Magnus and Vera.


I don't know about the cash flow in Borgafjäll Snowmobile Club...

Gösta finding the angle.

Davide on a different spot, too far away from anything...

On the way home from some skibbing.

Bye bye Borgafjäll. I love you.

When I came to Malung, I didn't go home. I drove straight to God and the Godess, cause I knew that the fishing gear I ordered was there. BUT! My new rod is coming next week. Tough life... I got two new reels though. Sweeeeeet...

THIS! Is my home town Malung. "Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers" is a song by The Rude Kids. But I like them!

They have nice cars.

The "Merca-hundranitti-raggare" I don't really know about though...

Filling up the car behind the license plate, and burning dices on the sweater. True.

Volvo 240 with white rims. Untrue.

"Hi there son! One day you're gonna be just like me." "NOOOOOO!!!"