Fish, work, love

Since I last wrote, I’ve been… fishing a bit! Got some very small trouts. Still fun in the beginning. Went to Sponkan’s wedding on saturday. It was beautiful. Love was in the air. Now I’m in Falun, packing in some stuff in Beas apartment. Feels good. Tonight I’m going home though, gonna help Bea’s dad with some “röjning” in the woods. Maybe that will help me become a man… but probably not. Ha ha! It’s fun though, and training for free! Here are some pics. (I’m doing this on my phone, so here are the captions):
1: Bea chilling in Malung.
2: Döla and Sophie on the way out to some fishing.
3: Döla in the water.
4: Just Married!
5: Bea taking a foot bath(?) on the way back…
6: “Coffe”. Coolest ever.
7: That lake looked good, but it was just extremely cold…


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