Stockholm weekend

Been in Stockholm over the weekend. We had a good crew. Psycho GB, Pohlman, Bjurman, Uddevalla Bad Boys, Jaqueslosché, Simba, Stina and some more. Good times!

Here are some pics. Using my phone, so the captions are here:

1. Went to buy breakfast, but it was sale on cake bottoms and whipped cream, so I did a cake for breakfast instead. Nothing wrong worh that…

2. GB and Bjurman.

3. Vodka for breakfast. Nothing wrong with that either! And the movie about Eddie Meduza. Yes!

4. Lelle Tell. Legend.

5. Professor Larsson and GB.

6. Jaqueslosché and Fune.

7. Simba. Safe drinking.

8. GB at the KISS concert.

9. Cool kid.

10. This dude was not that small…

11. Pohlman på Berns.

12. Bjurman day after.

13. Dry or die!

14. Pohlo hang over sushi.

15. Bjurman trying my float thing. Fish motivation!


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