Last days…

Haven’t been up to that much lately. It’s been raining like hell, so no fishing. Or, almost no fishing. Went on a trip with GM. He owned me and got a couple of nice trouts (and a huge bass!), and I just missed everything. Good day anyway!

In half an hour my friend Syntheziser-Ass is coming to Malung, and I need to pick him up at the trainstation. After that we’re gonna watch some soccer and eat a pizza… … …

Just kidding. We’re gonna go out fishing. Of course. Here are some pics:

My good friend Röris and his son Jon.

Kanylen Karlsson and Stor-Döla.

GM. Didn't win this time. But he's clearing all the jumps at the course now!

This is a panorama of our summer place outside the West Valley shithole of Vansbro. Me and Pôjkon are gonna spend midsummers eve there. It's gonna be nice!

Well hi there you meat... thing... If Bea's dad's car would have been fast... and bulletproof... Elk filé!

Been helping out in the woods a bit. Feels good. But I'm far from getting one of theese. It would increase my street cred in the lunch room a lot.

Sponkan and Kat. Beautiful couple. Same wedding as I wrote about before.

My dad had just his birthday, so I asked Bea's dad if he could give him a ride in his 4S. Dad was pretty stoked.

Did some cleaning. Boring. Found some booze. And suddenly it was pretty fun!

GM thinking about life. And fish.


GM. First throw!



One true. One false.

Hi there!

Mega bass.

I really like sausage.

"Beer... I don't know how to put this... But... I love you beer!"

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