A couple of days with starving Mason

Last week Starving Mason came home on a visit in Västerdalarna. We went fishing, of course. Through my phone it looked like this:

1. Picking up Starving Mason at the station. Well dressed, as usual.
2. First of all, we went to God. This is his garden. He grows pretty much everything except pineapple.
3. God. And yes, that’s a fish he’s measuring.
4. The woods. I like trees. And sun.
5. You heard about Jihad Jane. But have you heard about Jihad Jonsbert?! It was a LOT of mean flies in the air that night…
6. Got an ok trout, and killed it.
7. Fresh trout right of the fire. Sweet.
8. Next day we saw this sticker. Malung…
9. This is Bror Vickes – he is one of Malung’s finest. Drunk pretty much 365 days a year. Look at the sweater. Yes! After I shot this pic, he threatened to beat me up, but he kind of always does… I like Bror!
10. Another day. Another lake. Belly boat is sweet!
11. Me and Starving. It was a good day.
12. Got a couple of ok trouts…
13. …that got to swim back to their families again. Bye bye.


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