Tännäs with von Bjurs and Dynamiten

Had a really sweet trip to my friend Dynamiten’s cabin in Tännäs the a few days ago. Me and Hasse von Bjurs were very happy that he took us. If you read the captions, and watch the videos, you get the story.



Jesus? You look stoked.

Real coffe - Kokkaffe.

Dynamiten looking for... Beer?

Hansiii... We've GOT to work on that left knee, man...

Blood knot.

Bye bye.

45 cm and pretty strong.

The "cabin".

I was cooking. Butter is the key in everything I do...

Guys were just tired...

Tin foil greyling and potato + a good Sauvignon Blanc. Ok dinner in the wild.

Hansi was happy with the food, but not with the mosquitos.

Sunset beer.

Last day. Coffe coffe coffe. Coffe.

Easy tiger...

Ciao. See you next time.

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