…for not writing anything here. I guess it’s just because I’ve been busy with stuff that doesn’t involve computers and Internet. And I guess that’s good!

First it was Dansbandsveckan – this… moonshine mayhem. It was fun, as usual, and Red Neck Rumble was a success!

Then I went to Trondheim to fish some salmon. Was a sweet week with Pôjkon!

Then, it was some mord fishing. Visited Saxnäs and got some nice trouts with starving Mason.

Last week have been one wedding in Stockholm (beautiful Jon and Mia got married), and then some vacation with Bea, wich is still going on for a little bit more than one week.

In other words – good times for Johan Jonsson. I will do some work the next days though, otherwise I’ll get too much behind…

1. Dansken got the golden ticket.
2. Ajjemään! Ha ha!
3. Trondheim.
4. Starving Mason.
5. “Selen”. Beautiful.


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