Trip up north

Just read the captions. But don’t forget to visit Gösta’s site, and Idsjöströmmen.

A few days ago, I was in my car, on my way somewhere. But I didn't know where. Then a big light occured, and it said to me: "Johan. Go up north. Meet The Photographer. Go fishing."

I didn't know what to say. But I drove north. I asked this bear for advice. "North. Gösta. Fishing." And at that point, I understood that I had to call Gösta Fries, the fishing photographer.

We met up in Bräcke. Gösta had baked some bread (this is why I now own a bread maker).

And we started fishing! Here, I couldn't decide what the important thing in this picture was. The beer...

...or Gösta. So I just took em both!

Moment of the day: Suddenly, I REALLY have to "go away", out of sight (forest shitting). But I can't find a good spot. It's getting critical. And then, suddenly, I see this fallen tree. And the light is so beautiful. And I have the best forest shit of my life. Yes...

Sweet sunset over Gimån.

But... no fish! Bad mood at the fire... "What did we do wrong? Have we upset the DoD God?"

Morning fire (I looove fire, yes I do). When I make a fire, I always work with "the tower".

"My dick is th... I mean, I saw a fish this big!"

It's important to start up with a big porridge breakfast before a twelve hour fishing session.

Pretty sweet camping spot. But we had to buy the permits before we could start fishing.

Famous river "Idsjöströmmen" was delivering! Much bigger success with the fishing there! Strong graylings.

Peter with a 50 cm + greyling.

Legend Lars-Åke Olsson: "If you don't fish with dry fly, you will go to... HELL!" Gösta: "Mama..." Random beard dude: "Ho ho ho..."

Gösta proving his (dry) skills.

"I caught the biggest one." "What? No no no... I did!"

Well. I saw the biggest fly!

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