Hello! Yesterday I was in London for the Ski & Snowboard Show, and the first Free Radicals premiere. It was nice to see some new gear, and to have a couple of beers and watching the new movie. Have to run! The pictures explains it.

I was welcomed in London by this 50 year old smooth operator. Aaahhh...

Just like this pic. The girl is sharp... UNDERGROUND. I think everything about London was fun, since I've never been there...


Jumping on a mat... I'm happy I didn't have to do it...

Some dude with beard and Marja, at The North Face's stand.

Goddammit! Stop... reminding me about more stressful things! It's more than two months!

Y E S ! ! !

Thanks Helen, Penny (middle) and everybody else at The North Face UK for hosting a great party! We'll be back next year!

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