Been in Banff for a couple of days now. Cool to meet all the other The North Face Athletes, and good to get some information about everything. Motivated for a new season! Gonna spend some money on camera gear soon, and start shooting more. Looking forward to that.

Don’t have time to write more, look at the pics and read the captions instead.

"Welcome to Canada" 1. Not that nice...

"Welcome to Canada" 2. Nice!

Good solution for the skis there!

I like Canada. And I like making fires. I like this car.

Pretty ok breakfast view...

Callum Petit, with whom I'm sharing room, starring in: "Empty eyes".


This is what the other athlete do for a living. "Canadian Death Race". I'm pretty glad I'm a skier, and not an endurance runner...

Yuji, completing a route that had been on the wall for 6 months without anyone getting further than like 10%...

Dave Short, Mike Riddle, (a hidden) Tom Wallisch, Dana Flahr, Kaitlyn Ferrington, Sage Cattabriga, Lucas Debari, Nick Martini, Ian McIntosh. Discussing something important.

Sideshow Bo... Sorry, Xavier de le Rue.

Callum Petit. Lots of energy.

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