Nov 10

Meetings and premieres


A lot of stuff happening right now. Studying as often as I can (never, kind of), and are on my way to a meeting with my professor right now. Guess he’s gonna give me shit for not writing enough. But that’s just the way it is right now. Travelling some too. It’s fun though!

Last friday I went to Marja in Garmisch, and saturday morning I had my first day of skiing, in Kaprun. It was hurting, but was so much fun anyway! Then we went to The North Face’s sales meeting. Was fun to meet everybody, and to see the new gear. Stoked on that! A lot of new, nice stuff.

I’m on my way to Uppsala now, as I said, and then I’m going to the Free Radicals show in Stockholm tonight, at Berns Saloons. It was a good show last year, and I think it’s gonna be even better this year! Sold out since almost a month ago I think. 1400 people or something like that.

Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Calgary, and then go to Banff, for the annual Athlete Summit with The North Face. Looking forward to that a lot! It’s always fun to meet the team, and get some information about the future!

Here are some pics. Ciao ciao!

We passed by Jon Örarbäck in Innsbruck, cause Marja needed to pick up some stuff for their Summits 4kids-expedition in South America later this month.

Banana Split chocolate! Had to buy that one.

We went on some really fuckin extreme climbing! What? a traverse in the lest of the picture? Nah... It's... something else.

I consider "powder" to be a vague word. For the first day of skiing, it was powder!

Good day!

The meeting was at the Gut Brandlhof in Saalfelden, and the food there is... too good. I very rarely have dessert. This is six + som fruit. One month in that place, and I would have to go to fat camp.

Annual theme party. We (the Swedes) were left on Everest for 20 years. Cold...

Frozen climber 1.

Frozen climber 2.

Frozen climber 3.

We were, of course, tied together with a rope, which meant that we went together all night, everywhere.

The North Face's new telemark ripper Xavier de le Rue!

Four Swedes and one Austrian.

They're doing more flannels... YES!

These are only for girls. Goddammit!

Ego boost.

On my way back I passed by Björn Hartweger in Kaprun. He was chilling and painting. He'll have a vernissage later. Björn is sharing house with Döla and the foreigner. They were working... Got to ski a couple of runs with them on saturday though! Good people.