Two days of powder! Pretty stoked to be back on skis! Unfortunately I hit a rock in pretty high speed today, so my foot is a bit sore. Nothing broken, and no ligaments torn, so I guess I just have to rest for a few days or a week. I’ve got some texts to write and some receipts to sort though, so I’ll have something to do. PLUS – I finally bought a GH2, and I’m mega motivated to start fooling around with that! I’m not writing “learn how to shoot with that”, cause I know that it will take time… And before I start using it, I need to re-install my computer, and add some new programs.

Well… I took a lot of shots, but with my S95 (which is still awesome). It’s the trip down, and some Engelberg people. I took a shot every hour on the way down, kind of. Fun to see my mode. Ha ha.

Have to sleep now. Ate too much food (thank’s for the Christmas food Therese and Erik), again…


  1. Which one of the three suggested roads did you take ? It seems the green one (and maybe the red one too) passes in France, in the region where I live (Alsace, just along the german border). Actually I’m just 2 hours and half away from Engelberg.

  2. I’m normally driving through Malmö, then Hamburg, Kassel, and then there’s signs towards Basel. I know I’m driving close to France on the way to Basel. If you’re 2,5 hours away, I don’t think it’s that big difference though. 🙂 maps.google.com – there you can see different options.

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