The Foot

My foot is sore. That sucks. I’m mega motivated to ski. But I won’t be able in a few more days. So… Since I sorted a lot of receipts today, I feel I deserve to get shitfaced insted. Yves (the owner of Engelberg) just called. So I’m going to Ski Lodge now.

Here are some pics I took with my new camera. It’s just low res jpeg, but I think I’m gonna be able to have fun with it in the future.


My roomie Johan, and Nina.

Nina. Again. Do I have a secret crush on her maybe?

Depth Of Field YO!

This was my Christmas present from the mountain. Thank you.

So it's been a lot of this the last few days...

Not that bad, but a bit swollen, and blue and brown.

Today, when I was going through my receipts, I found this. Since I'm extremely fckn poor right now, it was fun to see that I was spending some earlier this fall.

But then I found this, and I just got mad. McIntosh - hope you enjoyed the whisky. Ha ha.

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