One night, black and white

Just got home from The Lodge. Me and Wille took a couple of beers. Now we’re back though. Gonna start shooting with Mattias tomorrow. It’s gonna be fun! See if we can find some untouched snow. We got two huckers (Adam and Erik), and me (with a broken foot), ready for tuuurning pics. Ha ha! Ha…

Wille Lindberg and Christine Hargin.

Met some of the classics too today. That was nice. Haven't met Martin or Charlotte since last year.

Adam Widén and something I don't have words for...

Der Axel and Nina. And in the background I think it's Rukas' evil twin!

Matilda Rapaport, birthday girl, and her boyfriend "Blicken" Hargin.

Me and Bolling. Still talking about that blackcock... Ha ha.

Linus from OKAY shop.

Olle and Freddan. Chefs from The Lodge.

Staffan - King from The Lodge.

Me and Wille met this dude on the way home. He didn't really walk that straight...

Better safe than sorry!

Good night.

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