Jan 11


First day in Sweden. Flew home yesterday. Gonna fly back on Monday, so it’s just a quick visit. Right now I’m meeting my good friend Schakalen. He’s the man.

Jan 11

Video from the first trip

As I said earlier: sorry for not updating. Here’s a little video from my last two visits at the doctor – positive results! This made me get my shit together, and go on a small shoot for The North Face. Had some good days with… Oh, wait, I already wrote this. Whatever…

Yesterday I had an über sweet five course dinner at Ski Lodge Engelberg. One of Sweden’s most famous chefs, Paul Svensson, was guest chef this weekend. Together with Ski Lodge’s own Jonas Bolling, and SVD’s famous wine specialist Jens Dolk, he created magic.


Jan 11

Sticker job

It’s always important to put at least 30 minutes on a sticker job. Otherwise you might regret where you put your last sticker. Yeah. Attitude. Ha ha ha.

Last night I ate a sweet moose lasagna. And pretty unexpected, the Winter Project guys Nicke and Adam came by, with Olof Larsson as a third partner in crime.

Now Mosse called. Gotta go and pick him up in Stans. Laters!


Jan 11

Photo shoot

Hola. Sorry for not updating. Will get better at that. A video tomorrow maybe! I’ve been away for a while, on a shoot for The North Face. We were in St Moritz, and got some good snow, but not so much good weather. Yesterday was partly sunny though. Had a good, mellow session with Gösta Fries. I can’t jump anything yet, cause my foot is not ready for that, but riding is ok now. I’m gonna try to rest for a while now though, so I can get back to the jumping business as fast as possible. But even if I could’t ski as normal, it was good to meet Gösta, Wille, Adam, Marja and Bergman. They always make me happy!

Here are some shots from the last days:

Marja Persson in a nice right. The fog was our companion for most of the week.

Another right from Marja.

Marja and Gösta...

This is one of all the cold and glamorous sides of freeskiing.

Marja working in front of Gösta.

Adam Widén disappearing into some sweet terrain.

Twist it Adam!

Mr Fries, happy after nailing some good shots.

Jan 11

Secret (no more) porridge video

If my foot is gonna heal fast, I need to eat a lot of porridge, and drink a lot of coffee. This is how I make a mega porridge, with my mom’s home made “queen jam” (that’s blue- and raspberries).

Now I’m gonna go to Dani at OKAY shop (by far best shop in Engelberg), and get my skis fixed. Later today I’ll drive to St Moritz, and hook up with a good crew! Can’t really ski, but gonna try to get a couple of stills though…



Jan 11

The last days in pictures

Hmmm… Just read the captions…

Jan 11

My car might be the fastest in Switzerland

This road makes me happy. Tomorrow I go the other way, to have some kind of x-ray on my foot. It feels pretty good though, so I guess I’m gonna get a positive result. I might ski in a couple of days. Wii!


Jan 11

Some random shots

Just the first random shots with my GH2. To say that I scratched the surface of this camera would be an exaggeration. I’ve just… shot 20 shots. Ha ha. Hopefully I’ll learn more in a few weeks time.

Now me and Bea are off to Ski Lodge Engelberg to get some proper food from Bolling!