Flying down again

Have been in Sweden for a little bit more than two weeks now. It’s been good, and bad. Lots of things to think about. Some that I could change myself. Some I could not. Sitting at Arlanda Airport at the moment, about to board the flight to Zurich, and Engelberg.

Sweden have been: Rehab, fishing, rehab, rehab, coffe, visiting my sister, working, rehab, coffe, talking about fishing, longing to ski, rehab, talking about fishing, rehab, double hats, fly fishing trade shows, rehab.

And! Got a new tent from The North Face, which is super light. The Sputnik 2. Stoked to try it! Perfect for when you just have to go fish on your own (or with a small buddy). Think I’m gonna live in the mountains this summer, next to some trout river…

Have to board. Laters









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