Some pics from second heli day in Haines

Sitting at Funny Farm at the moment, chilling and editing some pics (greybird today). Only have my pocket camera with me when skiing. Kind of bummer, since it’s so much cool stuff to shoot! I’m not here to shoot though… That’s Oskar’s and Ben’s job.

Now when I had a day with some more runs (think we got five yesterday), I can tell that I didn’t ski anything this year. My legs are sore, and I have huckneck and sore back from jumping a 20 (maximum)-footer. Ha ha! I’m weak goddammit! It’ll get better though. I hope…

Was super nice to get some runs in there though. Still so happy.

Well… Just read the captions, and you’ll understand what went down. Now we’re heading in to Haines to pick up some stuff we ordered from B&H. Laters!

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