Apr 11


…made it up into the mountains today. Weather was a bit too grey though. Still happy! But a little bit more mental… More film crews are coming in also, which is fun, but it’s gonna be more fight for the good lines I guess. Or not. We’ll just see. Now it’s sleeping time. Instead of flying Oskar’s been shooting some life stuff, and… Ah, never mind. So tired. Here are some pics:

Apr 11

Diesel Trout

I guess I was whining a bit too much the other (down) day, about how much I wanted to go fishing soon. So Sean Dog went and grabbed his rod, and told me about the Diesel Trouts around the heli pad. Well, of course I had to try them! Technique looks like crap, and I actually didn’t catch anything… But my heart was pounding just by holding the rod! (Yes, I’m turning into a pure psycho).

Apr 11

Waiting game2

Still happy here in Haines, but the I’m starting to feel that we haven’t been skiing for a couple of days. Just getting hungrier though! So I hope that we’re gonna ski tomorrow morning. I’m glad we are a mellow crew, with good guys, so that no one is starting to get nasty. Ha ha. Oskar Enander, Stephan Drake, Forrest Shearer and Ben Sturgulewski are just nice guys though, so it’s all good.

Today I got kind of desperate in the morning though, and tried a new version of the old “Drink It Blue”-trick, and drank a beer after breakfast, at 7.30. That was soon twelve hours ago, and the weather is still crap, so I don’t think I’ll try that tomorrow again.

I’m afraid someone have been hiding one of my cameras away (probably myself), but here are a few pics from the last days, from the other camera:

Apr 11

Waiting game…

Sitting at the heli pad at the moment. It’s window shopping, and we’re playing it cool and waiting for bigger holes and better light. We’ll see how long we can take it before we just strap bacon to our heads and go back to this place we visited yesterday:


Apr 11

The Parrot Edit

On downdays in Haines, you have to find other things than skiing to make you happy. Carrie and her parrot Avy Bird really made me happy! Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the mad poop-tricks on film. Maybe another day. Gotta leave. Cheers!


Apr 11

Some pics from second heli day in Haines

Sitting at Funny Farm at the moment, chilling and editing some pics (greybird today). Only have my pocket camera with me when skiing. Kind of bummer, since it’s so much cool stuff to shoot! I’m not here to shoot though… That’s Oskar’s and Ben’s job.

Now when I had a day with some more runs (think we got five yesterday), I can tell that I didn’t ski anything this year. My legs are sore, and I have huckneck and sore back from jumping a 20 (maximum)-footer. Ha ha! I’m weak goddammit! It’ll get better though. I hope…

Was super nice to get some runs in there though. Still so happy.

Well… Just read the captions, and you’ll understand what went down. Now we’re heading in to Haines to pick up some stuff we ordered from B&H. Laters!

Apr 11

Second day skiing in Alaska

Have to sleep. But thought I should post a pic. The mountains here are so beautiful… I skied a line kind of in the middle of this. Got some taste of the AK convexity (or what it’s called. Roll overs). Kind of scary. But went alright. Fun! Oskar got some pics I think, and I got some face shots and a high pulse. Laters!

Pretty ok terrain...

Apr 11

First line in AK

In bed now. Happy. Weather got better in the afternoon today, and we had enough time for one run. For me it was the first run of the year, first run on film, and first run in AK. Was a mellow one, of course, but still… I’ve been smiling ever since…

Have to sleep. It’s gonna be a happy sleep. And tomorrow morning, I’m gonna have a happy breakfast.

Apr 11

First heli day

This is how happy you get after the first day of heli skiing in Haines. No, wait. It’s impossible to express the happiness I’m feeling now… Aaaaahhh!!!


Apr 11

More Haines

Had one more down day in Haines. I still don’t feel bad or stressed out. So it’s nice. Oskar and Ben shot some lifestyle, Stephan did some work, and me and Forrest was… supervising. I did some work on my Jah Love skis though, since I haven’t skied them this year… Looking forward for some pow now!

Ah… Read the captions. It’s the best.