Apr 11

Haines pics

Had our first (down)day in Haines now. I’m pretty fckn jetlagged, so it’s ok. Have been nice to get to know some new people, and it’s a crew I haven’t been hanging our with before. We are:

Skier and DPS Skis founder/owner Stephan Drake

Snowboarder Forrest Shearer

Photographer Oskar Enander

Filmer Ben Sturgulewski

And me

Well… There’s not that much to say. Yet. I’m extremely stoked to be here, and I just hope that my foot will hold up. But since I trust Dr Fink 110%, I think it wont brake. Well, there’s something to say maybe, for you who know that my left foot have been injured from my third day of skiing in December. And the thing I should say is that Dr Fink in Innsbruck looked at an MRI i had this tuesday, and said that some shit is left in the foot, but the “dangerous” stuff is gone. He recommended a trip to AK! This was thursday night, and we flew early saturday morning. Here are some pics from the first days of this trip.

Apr 11


A couple of hours ago, me and Oskar entered Haines. And in style we did it! Got ourselves our own plane to fly us. Maybe not the biggest… But still, we chartered our own plane!

Now it’s bedtime. Been traveling for more than 24 hours, and it’s ten hours difference in time here.

Some pics. 1: food on the plane – bad, as usual. 2: And in Seattle we celebrated the bad food with some more! 3: Alaska Airlines is my new favorite airline. For sure! A lot of coffee today… 4: Oskar just slept though… 5: Extremely thankful that all my luggage arrived! Also the ABS pack, even though I forgot to tell them it was in my luggage. Maybe that’s the style… Have to sleep. Laters!






Apr 11


Soon there! Preeeetty stoked.