Free Radicals mid season report

Hola. Another day in front of the computer… Writing mails and storys, and following the SBMC on Facebook in between. But I also found this sweet video from Free Radicals! I’m not gonna say I can skip summer totally, but I’m really looking forward to another season!

Here’s a couple of bonus pics of Oskar Enander and me. Don’t know, but… I just liked the thought of bonus! Ha ha.

Bonus 1: Oskar Enander, in front of the camera instead of behind. He's actually a really good skier. I mean, look at the poles! Good work buddy.

And after that day, which was pretty good (even though I couldn't ski with that goddamn foot), we got truly shitfaced at Spindle. The next day I flew home, and took a month off for some nazi strict rehab. I helped!

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