Difficult times

Well… I don’t really know what to say. Fishing season (a very important season to me), have started bad. We’ve been trying everything – drinking more coffee, more beer, walking further, trying new waters. But everything have been in vain.

This weekend we were in Dynamiten’s hut close to Tännäs. Good times, and we all performed extremely well in the drinking part of the trip. We also found some new, sweet rivers. Stefan immediately made a great sacrifice to the Dry or Die gods:

But this is how they answered (take an extra look at Daniel “Usain Bolt” Karlsson the first seconds):

So it was not that much to do. We drank some more coffee, some more 2,8’s, and some more whiskey. We got some graylings, but the trouts stayed away…

Oh why, dear DoD God. Why!?

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