Rolf struggling with one of the extremely strong Dalavardo-trouts.


  1. That is just awesome! Nuff said…

  2. Thanks Tony. I looked at your Flickr, and there are some pretty darn impressive shots there! Where do you mostly fish? 🙂

  3. You are very welcome Johan 🙂

    Just like you guys, I also fish with a pack of rebels 😉 and for the most part we fish in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Iceland). We could fish for sea trout in Denmark, but I mostly do snowboarding in the winter. Some of us have been to the states (Montana) and we are planning on New Zealand and Argentine later on. Wherever there are big trout, we will follow 🙂

    I have talked to Rolf (Nylinder) and I invited you guys to join us for a fishing trip in Norway at anytime. I’m sure we would have a blast! I’m off to the Norwegian mountains tomorrow and will be “off the grid” for 14 days fishing for huge trout.

    Later man

  4. Sounds sweet man! Good luck in the mountains, and let me know how it all went.

    Dry or Die!


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