Stjørdal. Me with a salmon, and Pøjkon just enjoying… life.




  1. Congrats on a nice salmon man! Norway is not all that bad even if the beer cost a fortune 😉

  2. Thanks man! I’ve always liked Norway! It’s expensive, but even more beautiful.

  3. True that! Like I said you are most welcome to join on any of our fishing trips in Norway. If not this year surely next year. Doesn’t need to be costly or fancy cause we like the road trip fishing just as much as the well planned fishing expeditions so we can just take a easy, laid back trip to a lake, river or mountain. Just say the word on facebook or email.
    Anyway… Scandinavia rules 🙂

  4. Thanks man! Would be cool to fish more in Norway. I’ve just been there for salmon yet, which is something… well, it’s goddamn boring compared to dry fly. Cool to get big fish, but it feels more like luck than skill when I catch one. Ha ha.

    I’m B to the roke now. So I’m gonna enjoy some lazy days with my girlfriend for the next week. After that we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I get some salary, and then I might go on a trip or two. 🙂

    But for sure, would be cool to go on a trip together!

  5. Fully understandable. Need to spend some time with my (Swedish) girlfriend too, but after some cuddling I’m off 🙂 Like I said I’m an old skater and a snowboard bum as well as a fly fisherman so I think we share some of the same “qualities”…haha. Laid back but serious. If you decide to come to Norway just contact me. It will save you the effort of looking for good fishing spots cause we already got the good spots…hehe. Who knows, maybe you van return the favor and show me some good fishing in Sweden some day? Just throw the tent and sleeping bag in my SUV and I’m good to go.
    PS: Fished for salmon for 2-3 years but just like you I didn’t quite fall for it. Salmon fishing is over for my part.

  6. Yeah. There’s actually a life besides skiing and fishing… Ha ha.

    For sure. Changing spots is good! Feels like murdering trouts is a bigger sport in Norway than Sweden though. So I might be a little bit worried… 😉 But a favor is always returned!

  7. Don’t be worried man. C & R is not an option with us, it’s a rule! It’s a big gap in Norway between the old “gatherers” and us younger guys that just bring food with us and do not need to kill the fish. Of course if you are far away up in the mountains and there is a lot of fish and no pressure, I can understand that one can eat one fish ore two in the 300-500g range. But never kill fish around 1 kg and up if it’s not injured!! I feel that we are a new generation of fishermen that also think about the environment. I have hope for the future…

  8. We’re at exactly the same level I think…

  9. That salmon got killed though. Don’t know why it feels ok to kill a salmon, and not a trout…Maybe cause I get one every other year. Ha ha.

  10. I know… salmon gets killed almost every time. Before it was a lot of salmon in the Norwegian rivers, but today it’s different. Still there are more escaped salmon from the food industry coming up the rivers and they need to be killed. It’s not easy anymore dude…
    Let’s keep mostly to trout fishing. It’s something that we can control more or less..

  11. The week we go for salmon fishing is a friends week, more than a fishing week… If I choose I go for dry fly 10 out of 10 times.

  12. I fully understand man. No sweat 🙂

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