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Since I came back from the last fishing adventure with Hansiii, it’s been some serious chilling with Bea. But also some work, with a PK Hunder interview. I was happy after I talked to him, cause he’s still super mellow and down to earth, even though he’s one of the best jibbers, for sure. Looking forward to what he will do this coming season!

I’ve been working some with Simba, and… we’re both extremely skilled in the great art of “last-minute-work”, so we thought that two bad forces would turn out to be a good combination. And I think we were right! We got some stuff done last time I was there.

Yesterday I met Anders Neuman, who’s the chief editor of Transition Magazine. We talked about the past, and about the future. I’m gonna write some texts for them, from a couple of trips I did last season. Happy for that. It’s a great mag!

And last but not least. I found this video of Tom Wallisch, who’s now a fellow team mate at The North Face. I watched it, and was pretty stoked on the skiing. Then I realized it’s from 2009. He’s preeetty good.

Here are some shots of my friends (read the captions to find out who they are):

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