WP Trailer and some biking

This weekend, I saw the Free Radicals trailer at the event in Varberg. Great! I was injured almost the whole winter, so I didn’t know that much about what have been going on. Big skiing it seems like! It’s not online yet, but soon it will be. Looking forward to see more of it! They showed some shots from when Wille was skiing the Trifide 3 i La Grave to. Sickness!

Today the guys at Winter Project released their new trailer. It was a good one too! Adam and Nicke have been busy all winter. It was kind of fun to see that I was on the riders list too. Adam was following us, gang shredding in Riks this spring, so I don’t really know what I did that should be in the movie… Ha ha. Looking forward to it though.

I also saw some biking, on Downdays.eu. Those bastards are pretty sick. Ha ha. I’m glad I don’t have to do that. It looks really fun, but when you crash… I don’t know. It’s better falling in snow I think.

Anima is the name of WP's new movie.

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