Aug 11


WTF? Less salt? Bow down Satan!

Aug 11

The Mayfly God

My friends at Frontside Fly made this video. Just love it.

Aug 11

12 hours

This Tuesday, I was reminded that Bea’s sister registered me to a bike race coming Saturday. So… I don’t know the word for “formtoppning”, but I have been biking three days in a row, and today I’m resting, to be in the perfect shape for the race tomorrow! I look kind of fun, cause my bike’s pretty old, but I have some really good, fancy, new clothes from The North Face. Hopefully the clothes will help me to a good time… (I think I look fast, but I’m still pretty far away for the speedmaster Mattias Hargin. If I’m 6 fast on a 10 scale. He’s about 27. This is the last 12 hours in three pics:

20110812-100536.jpgThis is how our summer house looked when I came back from biking yesterday. I like this place. It’s very, very calm here.

20110812-100840.jpgAs I mentioned – focus on the food. This is “raggmunk”, a very Swedish dish. Tasty!

20110812-101117.jpgAnd now, we just had some coffee from the “TV-Kanna”. Ha ha! Such a boring blog. But these are actually things that I appreciate. Now we’re gonna go pick blueberries, and then go fishing!

Aug 11

Epic Video

My friend Stefan Ågren at Frontside Fly filmed this small clip of me a couple of weeks ago, on a trip high up in the Vindel River. It was an evening easily referred to as perfect. Thanks for those days Stefan and Rolf.

Preeeetty ok sunset that evening...

Aug 11

Out from the woods

Came out from the woods and the mountains a few days ago. It’s bad, and it’s good. At the moment I’m hanging out in our summer house outside Bynn, and it’s a total different focus compared to the last weeks of fishing.

Bea is having her last vacation week. I’m working in front of the computer. But there’s no electricity here, so it’s only for one battery life… Cheers!

Straight from Lapland to the most hungover apartment I Stockholm. The Fox and The Jackal greeted us with a couple of golden stories.

Don’t know the English word for “agorafobi”, but after a week in a tent, this was a good first day in Stockholm.

Early morning i Stockholm. My beloved coffee brewer. Haven’t used it since December. Oh I love you so…

On the way back to Bynn yesterday. We stopped at our summerhouse outside Vansbro, for lunch and…

…raspberry picking. I like raspberries!

And this is a part of this week’s focus – good food. Moose meatballs. Sweet.

Staring is another important thing when you’re in a cabin.

And if you ask me, this is the most important thing – making fires. And since Bea is a “fryslort” (freeze-poo?”), she agrees.

Aug 11

Free Radicals Ski & Surf in Varberg

In less than three weeks, 27-28 of August, Free Radicals are hosting an after beach party in Varberg. I’d suggest you’ll be there, otherwise I’m gonna be very sad. Very sad… But if you’ll come, I’m gonna be the happiest man on earth! See you!

Aug 11


Blogging from my phone, so it’s just a couple of shots from the last week with Hansiii. It was a sweet week! Too good weather though, so the big ones were chilling out of our reach.

Now I’m gonna drop Hansiii in Abrahamsberg, and then pick up Bea at the airport. Gonna be nice, haven’t seen her in two weeks.

Hansiii, pretty stoked to be in Lapland…

…even though the trouts weren’t gigantic. Beautiful though!

I can live with drilling a trout with this backdrop.


Fires – extremely important.

Passed by Magnus and Vera, who made us bear sausage pizza. Yes!

Back in Dalarna. Pretty beautiful at home too…

Tôttn – a legend in my home town, as you can see… Suddenly he was in my car! I felt nice, so I gave him a drive home, so that he could pick up more beer. Don’t know if he really needed it…

This morning, Rukas, Christine and Niva passed by in Malung. It made me very, very happy!

Aug 11

Moose safari

Last week, me and Hansiii went on a moose safari in the north of Sweden. Hans was in rutting season after almost two weeks with only Pôjkon, and attracted this homo “pinntjur” with some horny sounds. Yeah. Good times.

Aug 11

Up north, again

Went from salmon fishing in Stjørdal, me and Hansi have now moved on. It’s Dry or Die-time for a week now. We started out easy, but are driving north in 100 mph now, and will hit Lapland in a couple of hours. Laters!

Paddling a canoe is hard work. We deserved a beer!

Preeetty sweet spot for a camp. We deserved a beer for that too.

Yes. It’s good to Dry or Die sometimes.