Photo shoots, biking and eating

First of all: Don’t forget to visit the Free Radicals web page, to book your tickets for the big premieres in Gothenburg (21/10) and Stockholm (28/10). There are not many tickets left. So hurry up!

The last days I’ve been working a lot. Writing stories and planning trips for the winter. I’m really motivated to ski! So planning is mostly fun. Yesterday I was in front of the computer for 18 hours in a row though, and that was too much…

Have, of course, been using my new Canyon bike too! A couple of days at Fornstigen, and today I was at Ursvik. Fun trails!

I’ve also been shooting some products, for Transition Magazine with Neuman a couple of days ago, and today I was at the best ski store in Sweden – Alpingaraget – and did some work with photographer Daniel Rönnbäck.

Here are some iPhone shots from the last days (if you’re reading this on, you need to click on the photos).


  1. Fan, jag fick också böter idag 4.e torsdagen i månaden, jag som tyckte jag var så duktig och flyttade bilen från parkeringen med 3e onsdagen i månaden….

  2. Jävla stad…

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