23 iPhone shots. Fishing, food, Bolling.

Been writing some this week, and didn’t blog. I guess it’s a good sign! Delivered some texts to Transition (new webpage!) and Åka Skidor. Two mags, and two different kind of writing styles. It’s interesting!

Spent the weekend in Bynn – sweet as always. Was staying with Bea at our cabin in Håberget. But my dad had put some new brick stones in the fireplace, so I couldn’t make any fires. Merde! But I had a sweet day of fishing at Blueberry Bay. So nice to be in the water again… That covered up for the fire-disappointment. Ha ha.

Then off to Lungsjöån, for a day there. Beautiful, but the fish were to tricky for me that day. It had been raining a lot. I blame that. I like that it’s not too easy though. Have to be some challenge!

Met up with my friend Jonas Bolling the other day. He’s the chef at Ski Lodge Engelberg. Went for a food safari in Stockholm, and tried a sweet sushi place (Akkis Sushi – really good! But not as good as Westermalms Sushi though), and a mad coffee place! I realized that I don’t know anything about coffee at all… But the guys at Johan & Nyström taught me some!

And, of course, some biking!

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