New gear from POC

When I got a new bike and became a bike-nerd a couple of months ago, I quickly realized I needed to figure some stuff out. My friend Tobias, editor of Åka Skidor Magazine, and a member of the famous Åre Berscyklister, sent me a mail where he told me  he was very happy I finally had become a biker! But he also, very kind though, told me that if I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot, I had to change gloves (since this bike-thing is a bit new to me, I didn’t knew that half finger gloves was totally forbidden unless you’re mega race, but apparently it is), and get a new helmet (my latest model bike wear from The North Face was looking good though, lucky me). Since I’m a sissie, I did as told. Tobias said that he had a POC Trabec, because it was pretty much the best and most stylish helmet around. And… now I got a box from POC!

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