Oct 11

Sea life

Here are some better shots from today. As I said – had such a nice day, and Sverre and Per took good care of me (I fish a lot, but I don’t know shit about this kind of fishing). It was rather cold though, so I got a chance to try some of the new clothes from The North Face. Love of the day was the Diez Jacket, which is a super light, but extremely warm down jacket. Read the captions for explanations on this day (if you’re at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos).

Oct 11

Pike-fishing and mud-biking

Coming some more pics later… But I had such a sweet day today! Went for some pike-fishing with Sverre early this morning. Really nice! Then some biking before it got dark. I’m hooked on that. So fun when I got myself a good bike!

Dry or Die? Not really…

“Handsome Per” was our guide. An ex mogul ripper who knows a lot about pikes! Sverre had some trouble with his reel…

I got my old bike stolen, so I don’t dare to close the apartment door when the water’s dripping off…

Oct 11

Happy birthday (The Romantic Blog)

Yesterday was my birthday. Bea surprised me with a visit to the fancy health resort Loka Brunn. Sweet! Just been chilling for 24 hours.

Can’t really find a good translation for this… But it’s kind of “Small Creme de la Creme-house”. Perfect spot for me! Ha ha.

“Path of Love”. Yes! Ha ha.

I was in the right element. For sure. “Creme de la Creme tea”.

Bea. No stress…

Oct 11

Moose Hunting Part 2 (a.k.a. “The Blood And Nature Blog”)

First of all, I have to say SWEDEN!!! I live close to Råsunda Stadium in Stockholm, and went to see Sweden beat Holland in a crazy soccer game last night. There’s not much left of my voice today… Euro Champs 2012! Yes!

Second, I’d like to say a few things about hunting (since I guess some people will say “Oh! How can you do this to the animals.”). I’m reading a book called Eating Animals right now (thanks Jacob Wester for the tip), and it’s about how we get our pork, chicken, etc. THAT is gross! Factory farmed animals suffer from the day they are born, and I think more people should cut down on meat eating. I eat factory farmed meat sometimes, but I try to eat vegetarian as often as I can, and only eat meat from hunting. Why? First of all because of the environmental impact of the meat industry. From Eating Animals: “Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transportation in the world combined; it is the number one cause of climate change.” It’s hard to say if that number is exact, but everybody agrees on the fact that the meat industry is VERY BAD for people who like snow (and pretty much everyone else too). I like snow… Then there’s a lot more to say about that industry, but not here and now.

An animal killed in hunting, lives its whole life in the wild, until it’s shot. BANG! And then it dies immediately. No impact on the environment (even less impact than vegetables, as long as you don’t grow them yourself), no suffering, and healthy food. That’s ecological to me.

Ok! Some preaching… Sorry about that. Here are 53 pictures from a day of moose hunting. Read the captions to find out. If you’re reading my blog on Freeride.se, you need to click the photos for that.

Oct 11

Moose Hunting Part 1 (a.k.a. “The Cabin Blog”)

Thought I would have time to do a “This is my last 24 hours – moose hunting!”-blog. But I had to take care of some other stuff, so here’s part 1 of the moose hunting blog.

In 30 minutes, I’m gonna drive back to Stockholm to watch Sweden play against Holland in the last qualifying game to the Euro Championships in soccer. Yeah!

Oct 11


Was just about to post a mega blog of my day (hunting moose with my dad and a bunch of other manly men), but then I found this photo of Bea I took last week, and thought that it was a pretty good blog too! Moose stuff coming tomorrow.


Oct 11

23 iPhone shots. Fishing, food, Bolling.

Been writing some this week, and didn’t blog. I guess it’s a good sign! Delivered some texts to Transition (new webpage!) and Åka Skidor. Two mags, and two different kind of writing styles. It’s interesting!

Spent the weekend in Bynn – sweet as always. Was staying with Bea at our cabin in Håberget. But my dad had put some new brick stones in the fireplace, so I couldn’t make any fires. Merde! But I had a sweet day of fishing at Blueberry Bay. So nice to be in the water again… That covered up for the fire-disappointment. Ha ha.

Then off to Lungsjöån, for a day there. Beautiful, but the fish were to tricky for me that day. It had been raining a lot. I blame that. I like that it’s not too easy though. Have to be some challenge!

Met up with my friend Jonas Bolling the other day. He’s the chef at Ski Lodge Engelberg. Went for a food safari in Stockholm, and tried a sweet sushi place (Akkis Sushi – really good! But not as good as Westermalms Sushi though), and a mad coffee place! I realized that I don’t know anything about coffee at all… But the guys at Johan & Nyström taught me some!

And, of course, some biking!

Oct 11

Coolest thing I’ve ever seen

I’m not that much into climbing. Those rare occasions when I do it, I think it’s super fun, but I they are rare occasions…

I’m a little bit late on this one, but I guess readers of my blog aren’t always following the climbing news. After I had watched this video of my free soloing team mate from The North Face, Alex Honnold, I was sweaty. Take a look HERE. It’s worth it.

Alex Honnold.