Two good things

Today I saw a short movie from Camp 4 Collective. It’s a group of climbers and shredders from The North Face, who happen to extremely good at filming and editing too. They movie I saw was from Denali, and it features some of the best alpinists in the world, but also a bunch of skiers and snowboarders from the team (Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Lucas Debari, Giulia Monego, and more). Really cool to see the mix, and to see people do things outside their comfort zone. Here’s the movie:

Another sweet thing is that Xavier de le Rue is opening his own store! “Well, I’m the best big mountain snowboarder in the world, I fart money, girls like me… What now… Ah, I might just open an awesome store!” Go to Facebook and like it!

"I'm not only a snowboarder, but also a handy man!"

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