Epic movie and new web page

Two friends of mine released new stuff on the web yesterday. Xavier de le Rue shows some INSANE riding in This is my winter, and Oskar Enander started a new fan page on Facebook: Oskar Enander Photography. Like it!

Apart from that stoke, I’m really happy I made a pair of new boots yesterday. I’ve been really happy with the Jah Love, that is now Nordica Girish Pro. It’s a kick ass free ride boot! But I’m gonna try the Doberman now. Back to the roots… Guess it’s gonna hurt, but be good. We’ll see. I got help to adjust them to perfection at Sweden’s best store – Alpingaraget.se. Mange Wörnert is the man! Perfect new soles, and fitted liner.

"Hello. My name is Johan Jonsson. And I act like a happy child when I get new stuff I like."

Check out sick pictures like this one (Yves Hüsler is the rider) on Oskar Enander's new fan page. Like it goddammit!

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