Dec 11


Earlier this evening, we all gave something to a random team member here at The North Face. I got a gift from Mark Carter, and it was, as you call it, “the bomb”.


Dec 11


Just arrived in Sayulita, Mexico. Took about exactly 36 hours to get here. So I’m pretty tired. Cool to see a new country though! I’m here with The North Face, to meet the rest of the team, and make some plans for the coming year. Gonna take some pictures with a real camera later, but here are some from my phone.

Didn’t have time to mount my new skis. So Alpingaraget did it for me. Thank you! Really stoked to try these one actually. It’s the 193 Nordica Patron.

Got a new baselayer that’s coming next year. Comfy!

Had a quick stop in Engelberg on they way to Mexico. This is the best chocolate. Coffee… Mmm…

We just called him “The Stance”.

Thank you for the healthy food, United.

I think it’s New York there. In the middle.

Bought some water here. Didn’t dare telling them I was from communist Sweden. I would have ended up on Guantanamo I guess.

This pretty much doesn’t exist in Sweden. I’m happy for that, cause it’s a work of Satan!

Spent the night in Houston. You know you’re in a fancy motel when people smoke in bed there… (my mom recently told me that my grand father, who I never met, was a bed-smoker. Only. He never smoked during the days. Only on bed. I love that.)

Flying in over Mexico was so beautiful. I have about 20 of these pics.

One more…

Now I’m chilling at the hotel. Think I’ll manage four days here…

Dec 11

Check out my story in Fri Flyt

Check out the latest issue of Fri Flyt Magazine to read a story I did on the lovely skiing on the Island of Senja. Here’s a teaser on what you’ll get:

Dec 11


Sitting in Bynn, waiting for a box with some stuff I need to have before I leave Sweden. It’s a little bit frustrating, since it should have been here last week, last day, last hour. Just hope I’m gonna be able to catch my flight from Stockholm tomorrow morning. Leave without this stuff would be bad. Buy a new ticket would be expensive.
A better thing to think about, is my friends’ new movie project, that you can read about HERE. Think it’s gonna be fun to see! It’s my team mates from KASK, Wille Lindberg and Adam Widén, together with Per Jonsson and Olof Larsson who’s the crew. Great dudes and skiers!
Now I managed to get a hold of the idiot at UPS who forgot to pack my box in the car this morning. Off to Stockholm! Six hours late…

"Hi darling! Yes, I'm looking good."

Dec 11

New gear

I’m at “home”, in Dalarna. Nice surprise with a box from The North Face (some new clothes and packs), and one from Sweet Protection (helmet and back protection). Thank you!

I’m just waiting for one more box now, that I need before I leave for Sweden-Zurich-Mexico-Canada-Sweden. It’s probably arriving tomorrow. Hope so!


Hello evil mess!

New stuff is always fun!

Breakfast with mom.