Was at ISPO yesterday. Would have been fun if I wouldn’t have got a food poisoning at breakfast. Uh… Met some friends from Alpingaraget (you’re getting your skis back soon!) and other random people.


Me and Tom-Oliver drove from Engelberg. Shiny car!

The new KASK goggle. Like it!

Lots of new cool stuff at The North Face!

And at Nordica too! Gonna go and mount the new Helldorado ski soon stoked!

Went back home with Olof Larsson and Oskar Enander. Here’s a pic from new Volkswagen car. When passing Luzern, we had been driving about 450 km.

But had almost 900 km left on that tank. And that was after driving pretty fast on auto bahn. Check out Blue Motion Technologies HERE! That’s a good way to roll.

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