Feb 12

VW Akalla Mini Park video

Big ups to Volkswagen who arranged a sweet weekend for car buyers and park shredders! This is what we did:

Feb 12

Rails and talking

Glöm inte att komma ut till Volkswagen på Malaxgatan 2 idag. Jag och Sverre ska prata om våra liv som skidåkare. Vill du inte lyssna på oss, så kör lite rails i parken vi byggt, eller spana in lite sköna bilar. Extraerbjudande står som spön i backen!


Feb 12

Volkswagen freestyle show

Came back to Sweden yesterday. Gonna help Volkswagen with a sweet event this Saturday and Sunday. They’re opening a new car store (bilhall) in Akalla. Me and Sverre Liliequist will talk about the life as a freeskier at 12.00 and 14.00 both days. Come and see what we have to say, and check out some sweet cars.

We have also made a park with rails, boxes and a small jump for those who want to try it! We have some invited riders who will ski there during the day, but if you feel the urge for some rail sliding – bring your skis and come out there! 11.00-16.00 both saturday and sunday. Here’s the poster (and some shots from the last days in Switzerland):

Come and listen to me and Sverre!

Feb 12

Adam Widén deep turns video

Some turns from Adam Widén, shot with my iPhone.


Feb 12

Unexpected POW

When me, Wille Lindberg, Adam Widén and Micke Fors came up to the mountain today. We got a surprise. 50 cm blower pow! Quick lunch now, and then we’re on it again. Booooyaaaa!

10 cm on the car this morning. No big expectations…

On the mountain though, it was “a bit” more. Wille enjoying some deep pow.

Micke too.

Feb 12

Last day at The North Face shoot

Had the last day with The North Face crew in St Moritz yesterday. We were supposed to shoot for one more day, but since the whole valley looked like the moon (no powder on the moon), we finished all the other shooting, and left earlier. Thanks all guys and girls for some good days! Some iPhone shots:

Matthieu Giraud with a new solution for my S100. Looking good!

Some guys in the crew had been working so hard the last days that they fell asleep on the floor of the train!

Sugar-breakfast with planning.

But it feels like it doesn’t really matter when it’s Mordor in the whole valley….

I’m not a super big fan of St Moritz. A bit too fancy for me… But this dude didn’t mind my long hair and baggy clothes. He didn’t judge me. A new friend!

So we did all this stuff instead of skiing. Xavier getting interviewed.

I was too. By the Timeline Mujaheddin. I hope I don’t get anthrax in the mail if I happened to use bad language…

Leaving Mordor. Me, Janette, Matthieu and Xavier all fit it my Passat. With gear, and skis. 5 liters per 100 km on the way back even with all this load. Yeah!

So now I’m in Engelberg. Tomorrow I’m gonna try this new boot from Nordica. Patron Pro. A real kick ass freeride boot! Looking forward to that. But first: sleep.

Feb 12

Photo blog from TNF team shoot

Have been offline for a while now. I’m at a team shoot/product meeting with The North Face. Been hanging out with Marja Persson, Tom-Oliver Hedvall, Giulia MonegoXavier de le Rue, Janette Hargin, Davide Cusini, Kristoffer Edvall and a bunch of skilled photographers, filters and designers from the Timeline crew and The North Face.

Captions (if you’re reading at Freeride.se, you need to click the photos) explains the rest.

Feb 12

Engelberg video

A couple of weeks ago, Tom-Oliver Hedvall was here and skied a bit with me. Didn’t do that much filming, but some. Tom-Oliver edited some of the shots into a sweet little edit for The North Face:

Screen shot.

Feb 12

Hell yeah!!!

Feb 12

Double drop

Met a new friend today. Erik. He was killing in in the mini shred we had. Good day! Here’s small iPhone video.