Eight iPhone shots that made me stoked

Gonna have a couple of days in Sweden before going away on two major film- and photo trips. I always miss the snow, But Stockholm is nice now too. Super warm. Here are some photos that made my last days.

Driving to the airport with Volkswagen Blue Motion is cheap!

Was out of food the other day. But then I found 1 kg Swedish cheese cake in the fridge. Stoked!

The next day I forgot to buy milk, so I had to have cream to the porridge. Sweet…

I was not out of eco lamb from the “Dalaskogarna” though. First barbecue of the year!

Stoked on the new KASK Mask 4 goggles. Perfect fit in the helmet! No gaps.

Tommen comes to Engelberg once a year. He’s a next level true-dude.

This boss was ruling Kastrup Airport today. Don’t know what he would fuck for, but the hair cut is KING.

I saw my house flying in to Stockholm today!

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