Bike/gourmet weekend

Had a sweet weekend in Stockholm. Feels a bit weird to be at home when it’s good skiing in Engelberg. But we were celebrating my good friend Starving Mason’s 30:th birthday (was a while ago, but we took him to dinner now, at Brasserie Godot), and I’m gonna do some bike planning for the summer too. And, of course, do some biking. It’s really strange, but the tracks in the forests here are super good! And it’s not even april. Had two days on my new bike, a Canyon Nerve XC 8.0, and it feels… fun as hell! I’m not that fast though, but that’s the way it is. It’s still a lot left of the skiing, season, and I’m looking forward to finish that off before I start biking more. But it’s three more days before I fly down to Engelberg again. Some photos:

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