Two videos

First of all: Skied a couple of hours with the new ABS backpack from The North Face, and… Fckn great! It’s built on the Patrol 24 Pack, which is the pack I use the most, and then they just kind of added the ABS technology. = awesome backpack with ABS!

Another fun thing. The guys from Winter Project released a new episode. It’s a bit different, but fun to see what they’ve been up to. I’m gonna hook up with them later this spring to do some shooting. Here’s the episode:


This morning, I came to think of a thing (again). I really like coffee. So I made this movie. I named it The happiest moment of the day. And I feel fortunate that I’m going to bed now, and already are looking forward to some coffee tomorrow morning!


Screenprint from the only shot in the edit done with RED. Dang, it looks good!

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