Mar 12

B&W photo blog

Just remembered that I edited some shots black and white last week. I forgot to post them though… It’s from a couple of days of shooting with Oskar Enander, Daniel Furberg and Edvard Berg.

Mar 12

Marja’s got a screw loose!

Just had breakfast with Marja Persson. She had surgery yesterday, and took some screws out. Darn, that’s a lot of metal! But now it’s out, Marja’s high on painkillers, and the coffee tastes better than ever. Happy to see her, and happy that everything is getting better! Now where having a WordPress clinic. Blog mania.

Heavy metal!

Mar 12

Tero Repo Blog

Demon photographer Tero Repo made a nice blog about the two days the TimeLine crew spent in Engelberg. Always sweet to look at photographer’s blogs, since it’s “real” photos. More photos like this one on Tero’s site:

Mar 12

Pow shred to flight home

Just had two sweet days in Engelberg with Xavier, Tero and Guido. One day in the resort, and one day with heli. Snow was really good, but there was a layer that broke easy, so we were mostly shredding smaller stuff. So fun though!

Now I just landed in Stockholm. Booked yesterday, and flew 06.50. Gonna be good to meet Bea, eat some semla and maybe visit the fly fishing exhibition!

Xavier on the way to surf his own barrel. Snow was good in the resort!

So we celebrated with some beers at Ski Lodge Engelberg of course.

I also got this nice gift of “Finnish folklore” from the dudes. Thank you!

Hard to say if they’re stoked, frustrated or horny after the heli shredding yesterday… Maybe all?

I was pretty stoked, even though I didn’t ski that well. Had a fun day, that’s the most important! Went to bed with an arm that says “It’s not powder everywhere.” though.


Glad to connect my phone my car. Not to stoked about the time though…

Because of this, it’s actually cheaper for me to drive to the airport and park there, instead of taking the train. Blue Motion!

Now I’m gonna hurry home to eat SEMLA!

Mar 12

More pow

Was sliding a bit with the TimeLine crew today. Good times. Here are a couple of iPhone turns from Xavier de le Rue. tomorrow’s gonna be a good day too!

I also got a Finnish gift from Tero. Ha ha. Perfect for tomorrow evening maybe… Thanks:


Mar 12

GoPro pow

Not so bad conditions in Engelberg today. I was shooting some with Oskar Enander and Daniel Furberg. I also snuck away for two runs with my GoPro. So, this is those two runs, and one picture of Furberg:

Furberg on front of Oskar's camera.

Mar 12

Pow day

One more sweet day in Engelberg. Shredding with Daniel Furberg and Oskar Enander. Gonna ski Galtiberg now. Sweet! Here’s some iPhone stuff:

Furberg slashing.

Mar 12

Powder in Engelberg again

Did some shit in town this morning, and went up to the “10 cm dust on crust” all reports said. Hooked up with Wille Lindberg and got stoked. Tomorrow’s gonna be a good day, since it’s gonna clear up. Yiha! Here’s an iPhone video- and picture of Mr Lindberg:

Mar 12


Engelberg is fun, but warm!

My old friends from back home and the race days, Pollack and Knutsson, are here visiting. Here at the top of Wendelück.

Above 2000 m. Not ok!

Mar 12


Read THIS (if you understand Swedish or Norwegian), and/or just buy the movie Tres Bonne Equipe. 6 out of 6 from Fri Flyt, and I can only agree.