Riksgränsen gang shred

Had a couple of days here in Riksgränsen. So good to be here. It’s an atmosphere that is really hard to explain for someone who’s never been here. But it’s kind of… magic. I’m here filming with Winter Project for J.O.B. Which is a really cool project from… Ah, I’ll explain this later. Soon time for bed. But anyway, the weather the first two days here haven’t allowed much shooting, but it’s been really fun just shredding with Per Jonsson and the rest of the Riksgränsen crew. Today I also took a couple of runs with Björn Lindgren. He’s one of the most talented riders I know of. Everything he does looks so easy and steezy. I wish I could ride like him. Here are a couple of pics. Follow me on Instagram (Jonsbert), and you will find some more. Cheers!

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