Different kind of bikes

Just some iPhone pics.

Great trails. Great light. Great bike.

Met Per Jonsson. He’s fast on the bike! But I’m faster with the phone… Ha ha.

Biked some more, and made it up this small section for the first time. Good to be me!

On the way home, I saw a lot of white trees in one place.

Pretty disgusting…

Went up at six this morning to bike with Pape “The Machine”. It was a nice morning.

Got a flat tire almost immediately, and also did some idiot thing and fell in a rock. I think it’s kind of fun that small things can really hurt when it comes to the shins…

So I sat down and just listened to the birds for a while. Early mornings seems to be the time to hit the crowded “woods” of Stockholm… Bike is the same as last year, only one year newer. A Canyon Nerve XC 8.0. Feels perfect for the Stockholm terrain!

Deers in Stockholm are not afraid of people. Feels wrong…

But now I’m on a totally different biking mission! Bea and my friend Kluckis just started the 300 km bike race “Vätternrundan”. So me and Johanna are here as support. They’re biking all night, but I’m sure they’re gonna be fine when we meet them tomorrow morning with food and dry clothes. Cheers!

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