Photo of the day at Powder

Photo wizard Mattias Fredriksson just shared a link on my Facebook page. Apparently, we got the Photo of the Day at Powder Magazine’s website. Happy for that! And I claim it to be a mean hike pic. Ha ha ha. Maybe next time it’s a ski shot.But meanwhile, I’m stoked for this.

As some might know, I made a bet with my good friend Pape regarding the Cykelvasan bike race this coming Friday. Today I started the cheating, by borrowing a sick ass carbon fibre bike bike from Canyon Bicycles. Normally I ride on their Nerve XC 8.0, but this one looks… faster. Ha ha. I hope it will help me win the bet! Just before I picked up the bike (on the way up to Dalarna), I took a last session on my own bike. I guess I got a bit motivated, cause I took a curve really tight, and now my shoulder hurts like hell. Guess it’s gonna be stiff for a few days.

Sitting in the car now, looking back in the trunk, where there are two bikes, about five full IKEA bags, a big TNF duffel bag, some tents, sleeping bags, and lots of fishing gear. And it’s still far from full. Volkswagen Passat – I love you!

I guess I took that curve about a shoulder width too tight...



Fast bike! And a half full VW Passat.

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