Some videos and trailers

Have seen some videos lately. But first of all, it’s very, very important that you know this:


In Space is now available on iTunes!


Beetles & Mayflies from my friends at Troutification made me wanna go back five months in time, and have a new summer!


But then I watched a couple of snowboard movies, and Immediately felt that winter’s pretty goddamn sweet too! First one from Forum (R.I.P.). Named #FORUM:


I think I was most stoked on talented film maker Per-Hampus Stålhandske’s film Hyped!:


I also saw a couple of sweet trailers the other day. Björn Heregger and Stefan Häusl were paragliding to get to the spots they’re skiing in Lost and Found:


And my friends from M-Line Film, Matthias Mayr and Matthias Haunholder also have their trailer for Another day in Paradise out:

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