Merry Christmas, and two new sponsors!

Well, first of all: Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good one. I’m hanging out with the FKPG Terror Squad in Falköping. Good family times, even though I’m not the biggest fan of this giving mania… So, I sorted it, and only bought gifts from SOS Barnbyar this year. Felt good!

Today’s stoke came after I printed and signed a contract for Ski Unlimited. Contract sounds too serious for this though, since I’m good friends with the people there, and is just super happy that I’ve started working with them! I’m gonna help them with some stuff, and they’re gonna help me with some stuff. It’s a so called win win, and I’m happy for this!

I know I already mentioned this also, but I’m still very stoked about my new ski sponsor too. Blizzard and Tecnica is having a bright future in front of them. And them is us now. Sweet!

Here are some shots from the last days (three first photos from Roberto Parisse):

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