Mar 13

Stockholm and bootfitting

Have been in Stockholm since friday now. Nice to be at home (one of them), hanging out with Bea and meeting other kind of friends…

Went straight from the airport to Alpingaraget on friday, cause I wanted to customize my ski boots a bit. I’m really happy with my boots, but wanted to try a foam liner, cause I’ve never tried that before. Just… curious. Anyway, really happy to be able to get help from them, cause they are really, really good at what they do. The best, actually. My feet aren’t too much trouble, but for people who have problem with their boots – just go to Alpingaraget. Mattis or Mange will fix your problem. 100 % guarantee.

Then I came home to two boxes in the mail. It was a pair of the new Dynafit Beast bindings, that I’m really stoked to try! (Thanks Desporter!) And a new sole for my Tecnica boots, so that they work with the new binding. Tecnica got a really smooth system for that. It’s just to change the sole, and voilá! I kick ass boot that works with the tech binding system. This is the first year I have a boot that also got a walk mode (Cochise 130 PRO), I was really skeptical before i tried, but after hiking a few times… woah, so much nicer. So, stoked to try them, with the Beast too.

When I’m at it, talking about new things I like a lot, I might as well give a BIG shout out for a thing I haven’t cared too much about before, but found out that is the key to not freezing your feet off – KASK Thrillers Socks. If you’re saying “Well, it’s just a ski sock.” I double dare you to try them. They’re compression socks, with merino wool, and they basically fixed all my freezing problems. The compression thing makes the blood flow more, even if it sounds strange. But… It’s just really good. Try it!

Well… Here are some photos. Click to read the captions and see them in bigger size.