Epicness in Norway

Norway is treating us very very good. Been here a couple of days now, and can’t say anything else than… that I’m so stoked about being here. I’m on a trip together with Mattias Fredriksson and his girlfriend Elle. We’re shooting a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, but mostly biking. We’re staying at Tommy and Renate’s place Villa Vengetind. They have 15 beds, local knowledge, are kick ass bikers and chefs and… just happy to stay at their place here. Check out their webpage, and visit them!

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  1. Awesome update! Please give us a special picture of the bikes you ride =)

  2. Thanks. Spread the word! And the link. 🙂 It’s a Canyon Strive I ride, the black one. Mattias is rocking some kind of next year thing from Scott.

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